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JUPITER presents

The most innovative
mouthpiece test set in the world


For all those who are looking for assurance before buying their first instrument.

These test mouthpieces for wind instruments are the most innovative mouthpiece test set in the world. It is the ideal tool for potential music students to perform their first blowing experiments.

  • easy to use in online training sessions
  • hygienic, 100% waterproof and suitable for dishwashers
  • can be used in many ways and promotes creativity
  • simple and sturdy
  • cost-effective

for orchestras

Take advantage of the t r y o u t b o x and design your very own test campaign in line with the developments of 2020. Win over your upcoming musicians in new ways.

for music schools

The t r y o u t b o x gives your students the innovative opportunity to test all wind instruments.

for music teachers

Find the ideal wind instrument together with your students. Develop and recognise tendencies and preferences in an inspirational way.

for music at home

Find the perfect wind instrument for your family or your circle of friends. Enjoy the ease of use and discover the creative possibilities of the t r y o u t b o x .

for specialist dealers

They are the partners for teachers, institutions, associations and private individuals. Help your customers experience the right wind instrument for them with the helpful t r y o u t b o x. The risk of a wrong purchase is minimized. 

Find the right instrument with these mouthpieces. Give it a try and find your favourite instrument by testing the feeling of playing a woodwind or brass instrument. These test mouthpieces have been developed in accordance with traditional mouthpiece designs.

The t r y o u t b o x can easily be used for online get-togethers.

Hygiene notice! All mouthpieces can be washed with hot alkaline water and are suitable for the dishwasher (please do not use tabs). This means that multiple use and passing on to others is no problem.

Try playing the first few notes and find your favourite mouthpiece:

Flute headjoint: the first step in forming the tone on a flute is the flute headjoint

Headjoint for reed instruments with plastic reeds. Unlock and insert the plastic reed at the headjoint and off you go with the tone formation.

Select the mouthpiece attachment for trumpet or trombone / baritone and form the embouchure for the tone.

1. Building instructions for a reed instrument with the headjoint for clarinet/ saxophone and the plastic reed

Purchase of a plastic conduit pipe / insulation pipe M20 with coupling sleeve in a hardware shop:

  • the price is approx. €1.20 for 2000mm
  • plus plug-in sleeves EN20 / for pipe M20 for additional instruments
  • up to 6 instruments from one tube possible

Shorten the rod tube to 280mm (incl. sleeve). Info: shorter lengths increase pitch.

The drill holes facilitate a C major scale:

  • The following dimensions have proved to be acceptable in various tests
  • Mark the hole spacing on the body (measured from the lower part)
  • 48mm, slightly offset in one direction then the next markings: 69mm, 90mm, 112mm, 134mm,153mm, 172mm
  • On the bottom the octave hole at 177mm


  • Pre-drilling with a 2mm drill bit
  • Please use an 8mm drill bit for the gauge block
  • Sanding and smoothing of the drilling and cutting edges
  • Prepare the headjoint with plastic reed and carefully push it into the sleeve (sealing rings should be lightly greased beforehand)

Template as a PDF file to printout (set printer setting at 100% !!) can be found here:

2. Building instructions for a "tubular horn" with the mouthpiece for brass instruments

Purchase of a hose piece (approx. 1m) in length and a commercially available funnel

  • The inner diameter should be suitable for the mouthpiece here
  • An additional hose clamp may be necessary to fix the funnel, depending on the diameter and funnel size

Different tones may be heard depending on the length of the hose

3. Construction manual for a flute with this flute headjoint

Buy a plastic pipe / insulation pipe M20 (outer diameter 20mm) and connection sockets, available at a hardware stores

  • The price is about 1.20€ for 2000mm
  • Up to 6 instruments from one pipe possible

Cutting the tube to length up to 233 mm (without connection socket)
Info: Shorter length raises the pitch

These toneholes allow a C major scale:

  • The following dimensions have been found acceptable in various tests:
  • Mark the distance between the holes on the flute body (measured from the bottom part)
  • 49mm, slightly offset in a line and then the following markings: 73mm, 95mm, 120mm, 142mm, 162mm, 180mm
  • The octave hole sits at 182mm at the bottom

(Note: picture shows the reed mouthpiece)

  • Predrill with a 2mm drill
  • Please use an 8mm drilling bit for the final hole size
  • Sand and smooth the drilling and cutting edges/li>
  • Carefully slide the mouthpiece over the pipe
  • Let’s play!

Template as a PDF file to printout (set printer setting at 100% !!) can be found here:

The Try Out Box is available from NUVO and JUPITER dealers.

Also available in larger quantities for your school and association work. Talk to your specialist dealer or contact us directly.

There are a total of 1,000 boxes available.

NUVO and JUPITER already wish you lots of fun with the most innovative mouthpiece test set in the world!

You can already start on a NUVO instrument after these first steps with the t r y o u t b o x .

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